Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Leg Therapy

I normally don't have too much of an issue with tired legs. I run and walk a lot, and I'm rarely bothered by soreness. But this week, after working at a department store (read: on my feet for 6 hours at a time), weight lifting for the first time in years, rock climbing, and running more than usual, my legs are shot. AND I work at the department store again tomorrow, so it'll be another 5 hours standing. Oy.

When I ran track in high school, we used to do ice baths or, worse, showers alternating between hot and cold for sore muscles. It's kind of excruciating at first (if you hate being cold like me anyway) but it really does help.

I also discovered this nifty little leg gel from The Body Shop. It's made with peppermint oil, which is supposed to cool and help revitalize your legs (without some of the nasty ingredients in Icy Hot, or the funky odor). I won't say it works miracles, but it does cool my legs and moisturize them a little bit without being at all greasy or smelly. And bonus- the smell of peppermint is supposed to be an instant mood-lifter.

Share your sore-leg cures with me in the comments!


  1. As much as ice baths hurt they really work for me. Another one I like is lactic drain. Lay with your tush and legs pressed strait up against a wall and hold it for ten minutes (or as long as you feel you need to). Just to clarify: I'm not a doctor, just a runner but I hope it helps :)

  2. This is another product that works, the runner's stick:

    It looks kinda weird but it really helps leg soreness

  3. Hi Kiley- We totally did lactic drain in HS after workouts too. I'd totally forgotten about it!


  4. Try aloe vera gel, it's very cooling so, who knows, it might work.

  5. I don't run, but I do love this stuff!

  6. ooh i love peppermint :)

    when my legs are sore i usually just whine until the pain goes away, unfortunately..

  7. LOVE ice baths. They are my friend, ha!

    I also like to use A535 heat run right after an ice bath, the alternating from the ice cold to the heat really seems to help my sore legs!!

    hope your legs feel better soon!

  8. I like aromatherapy crystals in the bath - with eucalyptus and mint etc. Of course someone to give you a nice leg massage is always welcome too!