Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Running Playlist

I never had a workout buddy until Ernie. All through high school track, I used to run solo, just me and the road. Then a couple of years or so ago, I found Ernie and it was love at first sight.

Ernie is my ipod.

I inherited him from Nathan, who moved on to a newer and better ipod. Ever since I got him, I've been totally addicted. I love having music that I can carry with me, especially when I'm running. It's like fast, upbeat songs make me forget (well, distract me from at least) my tired legs and side stitch, so I can run faster and longer. And it turns out I'm not making that up- some research studies have found that people burn more calories when they work out to music.

So in the name of calorie-burning, here's some of what I listen to when I run:

The Rolling Stones- Jumpin Jack Flash
Franz Ferdinand- Take Me Out
Franz Ferdinand- The Dark of the Matinee
Muse- Stockholm Syndrome
Muse- Hysteria
The Clash- Should I Stay Or Should I Go
The Mars Volta- L'Via L'Viaquez
Michael Jackson- Smooth Criminal
Modest Mouse- Dance Hall
Creedence Clearwater Revival- Fortunate Son
Queen- Another One Bites the Dust

...and that gets me through just about any workout :)

What songs do you listen to while you work out?

Image by Per Briehagen via Runnersworld


  1. I like the playlist. Very nice indeed. Some old school songs are always good to have in the mix. I usually run with a mix of very poppy dance stuff and then some random older tunes thrown in. On my list right now: Gnarles Barkley, older Madonna tunes, Roxette, Outkast, and some random dance tunes probably from a Dance Mix 90 something mix.

  2. I dont listen to songs while i run/bike I just play a rythm in my head. Nice and fast sometimes, calm and slow others. Perfect.

  3. For some reason "Love Again" by Cascada has been my go-to running song since I started training for my first half back in January!! It's got such a great beat, I'd always switch to it at the end of one of my runs to get me through!

  4. I cannot run in the gym without listening to music - outside - I can and do sometimes. I'm partial to hiphop & techno tracks for running - rock for weights.