Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy Day

Another late post- today ended up being surprisingly busy. I accidentally woke up late and had to run out the door to get to class by 8:30. There was just enough time to grab a sandwich between classes, and just enough time to grab a coffee between my last class and work. When I finally got home from work and classes, all I wanted to do was collapse, but Lil' Bro was starving so I ended up making potato soup instead.

Now I'm going to snuggle up with my bowl of soup and my textbooks and read the night away. Sometimes I actually don't mind having busy days, because they make me appreciate the calm moments at night even more.

In other news, it's finally feeling like fall. Today was chilly and overcast, which didn't do much for my energy levels but does make me appreciate my warm house and a cup of steaming hot tea (I like this kind). I can't wait until the leaves change and start to look like the picture above (which you can check out here).

Image via dahliahousestudio's etsy shop.


  1. I LOVE it when the leaves change and the fall weather comes back! Boots, scarves, coats = love!

    I try to appreciate my "relaxing" nights but I feel like they fly by SOOO fast!!

  2. I love fall! All of my fiends think I'm crazy because they're all like "ahh summars over", but I like it when it's chilly. Hot coco time!:)