Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crafttastrophe Shoes

All images via Crafttastrophe (see links)

Thanks to my friend Hilary (hi Hil!) I now have a new obsession: hand-painted shoes. In particular, those from the Etsy shop Crafftastrophe. I could be a little biased because I'm typically a fan of anything awesome made in Ohio, but doesn't this store have the coolest shoe designs? I picked out a few of my faves for you all.

From the Top:
Teal Green Feather Flats
Classic Tattoo Wedges (for those of us who are too wimpy to get real tattoos)
Gears and Pearls Heels
Carnival Dots Heels
Neon Bacteria Heels (okay, so maybe I'm a nerd, but I think these are the coolest)

What do you think of my new crafty love? Would you wear hand-painted shoes?


  1. Oh, I LOVE all those shoes! They are SO cute!!

  2. I love the teal flats! I don't do heels - too unstable, hurt my feet, yada yada...but flats, now there's a different story.

    Hey Amanda - there's a BFTP you haven't seen!


  3. I know this sounds kinda stupid... but would the paint wash off if you wore them in the rain? I love the second and third one but the second one rocks even more. How much are they? Because they sound expensive?

  4. That first pair is absolutely gorgeous.

  5. Amber- Yay! Agreed, they are cute.

    Kat- I'm so with you on the heels. I'm terrible at walking in them, and tall, so it's just unnecessarily. But I still like to oogle them.

    Kaunis- Most of what I saw ran in the $40-$50 range so not cheap, but not designer-shoe expensive. Especially since they are all hand-painted. Also, I bet the paint is water proof, although you can always email the seller to ask if you are interested (follow the links).

    Rebecca- the first pair is my favorite too.


  6. Yay! I knew you'd be obsessed with them like I was. Now if only I could walk in heels without breaking myself....