Friday, May 22, 2009

Signature Style

Thank goodness it's Friday- I've had a super busy week and I am so looking forward to being lazy and visiting friends and maybe, just maybe, doing a little shopping.

Today I was doing a little online window shopping and I realized that I really don't have a signature style. You know how some people always dress in a particular way and it just seems to fit them so well? Yeah, I'm not one of those people. I'm a mixer-and-matcher. Sometimes I'm pretty sure I don't even bother with the matching part, I just love things from all different kinds of styles. Occasionally I feel like I should try to develop my own recognizable style but then, I guess I have more options this way. Maybe it's why I own so many clothes...

Three completely different tops that I love (above, from top):
Lunch Break Top from Cutiemus
Striped Slub Top from Forever21
The Brewster Sisters Blouse from ModCloth

What about you? Are you a signature style person or do you like to mix it up?


  1. I more or less mix it up. More business casual during the week, and casual to SUPER casual on the weekends. Sometimes I wear nothing but yoga pants all weekend long!!

  2. I don't really have a particular style. Maybe I'm a little on "preppy librarian" bent, with cardigans and sweaters making up a lot of my wardrobe. I've also taken to wearing scarves pretty often as well.

  3. I'm a jean and T-shirt person. Laid back but still kind of awesome.

  4. hmm, all three have some sort of detail requiring extra fabric. that's something!

    i'm not sure what my style is either. i've been trying to only buy clothes that i LOVE lately, so we'll see.

  5. I love all those tops you chose! I don't know if I have a signature style either... I dress pretty casual, usually in jeans but I do love dresses. I'm pretty girly sometimes and like jewelry. I have always joked that I am a walking advertisement for American Eagle since a majority of my closet is from there but I have started to move away a bit from that. I think I would have better style if I had more money! ha!

  6. love this shirt from modcloth. I think i definitely have a style- but still have too many clothes!

  7. As I get older (eek mid-20s :), I have more and more of a signature style. I wear short, printed dresses with sleeves almost every day. Unless I'm in pajamas :)

  8. I think I have a style, more earthy-relaxed. not quite as put together as bohemian, but maybe if I had the funds :]