Monday, May 18, 2009

Let's Discuss: Greenify-ing

Not THAT green.

Lately I've been thinking about the whole "green movement" and what it means for our society. I'll admit that at first I thought the movement was a fad- a ploy to get consumers to buy more overpriced stuff. Originally, the movement manifested itself in encouragement to throw out your old stuff and replace it with new, greener alternatives, which doesn't make sense because if you throw the old stuff out without first using it, it still ends up in a landfill, and you just end up going through more stuff. This seemed like such a transparent tactic to encourage more consumerism, that I got annoyed at the whole movement.

But since I've been watching the green movement progress, I've realized that there are lots of people who genuinely taking responsibility for the amount and toxicity of the waste they produce. They aren't just buying expensive "green" products, but reducing the things they use overall, repurposing old items instead of buying new ones, and cutting back on energy use (you know, pretty much what our grandparents do anyway). And you know what? I think this type of "responsible green" movement could be a really good change for our society.

So I figured now is as good a time as ever to announce that I'm jumping on the green bandwagon. And while I'm doing it, I'll be reporting back here with a new segment I'm calling "Greenify". I hope you all will keep me accountable with comments, critiques, and suggestions.

Here's my first question for you, readers: where on earth do I start? And what have you done lately that's "Green"?

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  1. I recycle bottles/cans, cardboard and paper. I also *try* to always bring reusable bags when I go grocery shopping and if I forget and have to get plastic grocery bags I try to reuse them in the small garbage cans in the apartment. I also donate old clothes and things from around the house to the Salvation army rather than throw it out. Turn the lights off when I leave a room etc. That's about all I do for the green movement, I'm looking forward to reading your new segment and getting even more tips!!

  2. I've been on the "Green" bandwagon for a quite a few years (probably 10, actually). My house is pretty Green, but I know I could still do better.
    Glad to see you're on board!

    Hey, Amanda - have you read the latest BFTP?


  3. get a bike and bring a tote bag to the grocery store :) good luck!

  4. Amber- you're ahead of me, I still *blush* don't recycle. In my defense, there is no recycling pick up in my neighborhood. I would have to drive 20 minutes into the ghetto to recycle my stuff. As it is, the only thing I recycle is paper, and that's because we have a big bucket at work for that.

    Kat- Glad to hear I have an experienced Greenie on board, you can give me all kinds of advice then :-P BTW when I refer to the "green movement" I mean the more current, mainstream one (at least it's more current in the US right now).

    Rebecca- I've been all over the tote bag thing, but I totally need a bike. I walk most places within a mile of my house, but I could use a bike for further distances.

    Thanks for your tips everyone!


  5. Have you changed all your light bublbs to compact floresents? That what I did. It saves me money because it uses less energy, and in theory, last longer. Tad ta, instently greener. *light bulb forms over head* *floresent light bulb forms over head* :P


  6. Green is great, at an individual level, higher up it can be turned into "greenwashing". :)

  7. I just stumbled upon your blog; it's great!

    I ride my bike/walk/take public transportation whenever feasible, I recycle everything, bring my tote bags to the grocery store, and turn the lights out when I'm not using them.

    I'm excited about your new segment, because I know I could/should be doing a lot more. I just took this quiz: and found out that it would take 4 earths to provide resources if everyone lived like me! Yukes.