Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday Random List

I can't think of too many intelligent things to say on a Monday after 4 hours of sleep. So here's a bunch of stuff that I've been thinking about instead :)

My walls are feeling a little naked lately, so I've been eyeballing all sorts of art that I'd like to see up there. I love this Red Wattlebird print from Etsy.
Summer is coming, and I am sans air conditioning. I'm going to need more fans (and this vintage one looks way cooler than my ugly plastic dustcatchers).
Whenever I go to Aveda to get my hair cut, one of my favorite parts is the delicious herbal tea they serve there. My only beef is that they only give you a teeny little dixie cup's worth. Now I can get 4.9oz of it (!) off of their website.
They need to make more moisturizers with high SPF. Preferably ones that won't make me look like I dunked my face in oil. This Aveeno one is promising, but it only has SPF 15, which is not going to work for this pasty white girl. The search continues.
In addition to the perfect sunblock, I've been searching high and low for the perfect white casual dress that I can wear with flipflops all summer long. This Modcloth one was in the running because of the cute stripes on the skirt, but unfortunately it's sold out.

All images via their respective websites (see links).


  1. Love that dress, sucks that it was sold out though!!

  2. I know, right? I keep checking, hoping that it will come back in stock.


  3. maybe i'm just weird.. but i bought that moisturizer with high hopes as well, and everytime i use it, my skin sorta has a burning sensation... maybe it's just my skin and the lotion and it's fine for everyone else. who knows!

  4. Ashley- I've gotten that before with some Aveeno products! They're generally pretty good for sensitive skin but maybe you're allergic to one of the ingredients.