Monday, June 8, 2009

Fabric Mania!

So I get the idea of making my own pillows in my head, and all of a sudden I'm obsessed with fabric. Some of the adorable printed fabrics on Etsy really make me wish I could sew something other than a square pillow. Maybe I should have paid more attention in home ec?

A few I really love:
  • Paisley in Earth at uberstitch's shop
  • Marimekko Sarastaa Floral from imaginefabric's shop (my favorite, and also the most expensive- because it always works out that way ya know?)
  • Fresh Start from sewhappyfabricshop's shop (cute name, adorable fabric)
  • Elephant print from KawaiiLovelyFabric's shop (would not match anything in my house, but is SO cute)
What do you think of my choices? Am I the only one who looks at fabric and just wishes I could sew?

PS: Just two exams this week and then it's summerrrrr :)

All images: their respective Etsy shops (see links above)


  1. I love those elephants! I just saw the cutest tree pillows from Esty, and I want them! And maybe if you want to learn how to sew more things you could ask your grandma? ( Mine sews so I guess yours might) I'm sad because my couch doesn't really look good with any pillows. Pleh.

  2. kaunis- My grandma is not big on sewing, though she is an absolutely amazing cook. I'm sure there are people I could ask though, I just need to stop being lazy and do it :-P


  3. I love these fabric posts! I just took an advanced sewing class at OSU and have just bought a bunch of fabric to make dresses and tops over the summer. I would advise taking a sewing class though because pattern instructions read like sanskrit to me.

  4. Hey Kiley- I didn't realize that I had other OSU readers here! I also didn't realize that we had sewing classes at OSU, I'll have to check them out. :)


  5. Yup! I found your blog through Smitten :) Theatre 222 is an intro to sewing and costume design which is a good class if you like art concepts in clothing. Plus you make a skirt or a pair of PJ pants during lab.