Thursday, June 25, 2009

What's your worst habit?

We all have bad habits. I have more than I could possibly list- everything from nail biting to procrastination. But what do you think is the one that impacts you the most right now?

For me, it's not getting out of bed in the morning. Every morning is like a fight for me, because I never want to get up, even when I've had plenty of sleep. On a good day, I will only hit the snooze button two or three times. We don't even need to talk about what a bad day looks like.

I know to some extent it impacts me because I never get things done in the morning. This morning I wanted to blog, make a real breakfast, maybe take a quick jog before work at 10am. I did none of that. Instead I got up just early enough to run out the door with a glass of juice and some string cheese (breakfast of champions).

The good news is technically I could turn my habit around. The bad news is that it's really hard to tell that to my sleepy brain, especially on those days I technically need to get up at six.

Your turn: what's your bad habit? Sugar? Shopping? Wasting time reading blogs (*wink*)?

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  1. I'm up there on not being able to wake up in the morning. And eating anything with sugar is another bad habit I have as well

  2. I'm a very bad procrastinator and being late :)

  3. My bad habits (lately) are not getting out of bed, like you, and sugar! I eat so well until about 3pm, and then I need a little snacky-snack...

  4. My worst habit is procrastination. It's the root cause of all my other bad habits: I'll get up in a minute... I'll start my exercise routine tomorrow... I'll eat healthier starting tomorrow... I'll do that later... etc, etc, etc.

    It gets really depressing as I feel like I'm being held to ransom by my laziness. My life is a constant stuggle to *do* things.

  5. I have the same bad habit as you! This morning I hit snooze for almost two hours.

    I just mentioned your post on my new blog.