Friday, June 26, 2009

Name three good habits!

Random red panda, because it's cute and I was blanking on pictures.

After all the confessions yesterday (if you missed it, scroll down) I thought we maybe needed some extra positivity. So what are three GOOD things that you do for yourself?

Here are mine:
  • Drinking water- I love water, plain and simple. You know how you're supposed to go through 8 servings a day? Well I go through about 15, easy. I carry bottles of cold water around with me everywhere (I'm drinking one right now, actually).
  • Activity- I genuinely love moving around. Being stationary for too long actually makes me more tired than moving does.
  • Goofiness- I'm pretty much a dork all the time. And to be honest, I really don't mind that. It makes me happier and (I hope) makes others laugh. Which is so much more fun than being moody right?
So there you have it, I'm a goofy runner who loves water. What're your good habits?

Have a good weekend every one!

Red panda image via Wikipedia.


  1. 1) Taking time out for myself to relax, by watching films / tv, reading books, knitting, etc.

    2) Drinking enough water - I too can drink loads!

    3)Being girly - I love fashionable clothes, putting on make up and especially doing my hair. And it makes me feel real good.

  2. I also drink a lot of water and LOVE activity. I feel icky if I DON'T do some moving around every day!

    I also LOVE fruit and eat a TON of it. Not so many veggies, but lots and lots of fruit!

  3. 1. Eat lots of fruit.
    2. Make a conscious effort to learn something new everyday
    3. Enjoy something inspiring - a book, a piece of art, a conversation etc etc.

    I probably have more bad habits though!

  4. I drink lots of water, I compliment others a lot and am sincere about it, and I have a lot of fun with fashion and makeup!