Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Green Thumb

When I was little, I remember that my grandma helped me make a little square garden right outside of the apartment I shared with my dad. It was my first garden, and we filled it with petunias, marigolds, zinnias, snapdragons, and a couple of massive sunflowers. Flash forward a couple of years, and I got distracted with things like friends and boys, and the garden was filled with nothing but weeds.

Now that I'm older, I've regained my interest in gardening. Unfortunately, there is now nothing outside of my apartment except a parking lot, which isn't very good for growing things. I've been toying with the idea of potted plants, and today I stumbled across several articles discussing that very thing. Coincidence? I think not.

If you've got gardening on the mind, check these out...
Potted Plants 101.
Dummies' guide to shopping at the garden center.
Balcony garden inspiration.
A genius little inside window box idea. (for those of us who only have parking lots outside)

How do you feel about gardening? If you've got an impossible-to-kill potted plant suggestion for me, please share. :)

Both pictures, Apartment Therapy


  1. Try an Aloe Vera plant,it's impossible to kill, get's rid of sun burns (needed to use that a couple years bach but that's another story), and some people even use it to even out skin tone. Not pretty, but won't die.


  2. if you're growing any herbs i'd recommend buying some already grown as opposed to planting seeds. good luck! :)

  3. We are growing mint, radishes and cucumbers on our patio. I also tried to grow a tomatoe plant but somehow managed to kill it :S