Thursday, February 12, 2009

Homemade Beauty

I really liked this article on Total Beauty about making your own natural beauty products. The VAST majority of my beauty products are store bought, but I do have some homemade tricks that I use. Extra virgin olive oil is sweet for taking off stubborn mascara and honey and oatmeal will make a great facial mask for an oilier, combination skin type (ahem, me).

I especially like the "recipes" included in the article, especially the honey lip scrub:
1 tsp of olive oil
1 tsp of honey
2 tsp of white granulated sugar
A dash of lemon juice

Mix and apply, basically. How easy is that? And I can't believe I've never thought of using lemon on my flaky lips before, it seems so obvious (hellooo citric acid!).

Also, the chamomile and oatmeal scrub/mask looks like it could be nice:
1/4 cup chamomile tea (brewed and cooled to room temp)
1/4 cup oatmeal (lightly ground)
2 tbsp honey
2 drops of almond oil (not sure where you get this, a health food store?)

I might have to try some of these out soon. I'm intrigued by the idea of homemade products partially because they're cheaper, but also because by putting them together yourself, you know exactly what is going in them. No scary toxins here!

Has anybody else tried at-home beauty products? Have they worked or not? Spill your secrets!


  1. When I was younger I put eggs in my hair. I think they did end up making my hair shinier or whatever, but it was a messy process!

  2. Haha Amber, when I was younger I put eggs on my face because someone told me it would ward off acne. That didn't work, and it was gross :-P


  3. Started washing my face with pure lemon the other day. After the first wash WOW!! Instant radiance, and super soft skin!!!! Now I'm writting this with a honey mask on my face lol....super excited to be experimenting with my new all natural beauty "secrets" :-)

    Belinda <3