Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Hairy Topic

I am getting a haircut tomorrow and I've got no clue how I want to do it. I might just keep it safe and just refresh the style I have now (long and layered).

But if I were going to make a major change, here are some of the styles I'd be considering:

Via the Glamour website
Long with bangs. I had bangs last year and loved them but Nathan hated them and I hated trying to make them lie flat every.single.morning. They were cute though- and I like the little "pieces" beside the bangs above.

confession: I forget where I got this picture
I'm not sure what you call this...a layered bob of sorts? It's very similar to the Steven Alan hair (below).

The Steven Alan hair I mentioned a while back- shorter and messy.

Anne Hathaway's long bob (lob?) is too cute- I like that it is a little messy to keep it from looking boring.

Feel free to vote on which is the best- perhaps I will change my mind and try something different tomorrow after all :)


  1. I have an inverted bob, longer in the front short in the back with side bangs and I LOVE it. I think it's a super flattering cut and it's SO easy to do and I'm never tempted to just whip it back into a ponytail!

    Anyways, I vote you get a long bob like Anne Hathaways!

  2. I like the second one, Amanda. I just got mine cut yesterday - shooort and light-weight. Now I have to wear two hats to go outside!