Friday, February 6, 2009

New Hair

So as I mentioned earlier, I got my hair cut yesterday and I've got the pictures to prove it. But first I just have to say that the experience was awesome as usual. I usually get my hair cut by the students at The Aveda Institute nearby and they always do a wonderful job, though you can definitely tell when one of them is not really 100% what they're doing and that can be a bit nervewracking. But yesterday I ended up with a very nice student named Aimee who really took the time to make sure I liked my new hair, especially since I was cutting so much of it off. If you've ever thought about getting your hair cut by a student, definitely give it a try because it can save you some cash, plus the students will (usually) go out of their way to make it a good experience since they're new to the business and still trying to impress people. Plus, at Aveda they really go above and beyond- when I go I get a shampoo, cut, and simple style plus a shoulder and scalp massage and a mini facial, all for about $20 depending on the experience level of the student. And I get to leave smelling like Aveda (herbal awesomeness) which is a huge perk. If only I could afford their products so I could always smell like that!

But enough blabbing, I've got pictures!

First, my inspiration:
This is the photo I brought into the stylist, which you might remember from Wednesday. I was really looking at the length- just barely grazing the shoulders with a few shorter layers here and there.

And this is my goofy self beforehand (actually, a couple months ago, but same hair):

And this is my still-goofy self with shorter hair:
Obviously it's not an exact replica of Miss Hathaway because my hair is more straight and, well, I'm not Anne Hathaway (no kidding!). But I liked our interpretation. Also, I need to stop tucking that one piece of hair behind my ear, whoops.

I've always had long hair. My Dad and Grandma made me keep it in a bowl cut until the third grade or so, I'm not sure why. At any rate, I think I was traumatized by the experience because I haven't had my hair above the shoulders since. This is the first time I've had short hair in 12 years!

I have to admit, I do miss my long hair just the littlest bit. But this saves me a TON of time in the morning because it takes virtually no work- a little brushing if anything. And I do think it looks cute, though it's definitely different. I'm going to be working on finding fun stuff to do with it, which I feel will be harder with shorter hair.

Let me know what you think! And I won't be offended if you think longer is better because, well, I do too. Shorter is just easier :)


  1. Love it, love it, love it! It looks great, Amanda!
    I forget, did you read the Blasts From the Past post about The Barbie Beauty Centre and hair? You might enjoy that.

    Great cut and good tip on how to save some money.


  2. I really love it! I think it looks great on you. Sometimes I miss my long hair, but very rarely, I've come to LOVE my bob!

  3. Thanks Kat and Amber! I'm beginning to get into this whole short hair thing, especially since it took like .2 seconds to do it this morning. Woohoo!


  4. i LOVE your hair!!!!! it's so cute and chic.

  5. I love it too! I think it looks so much more chic than longer hair. But you have amazing hair either way you lucky girl! Can't believe you only do 'a little brushing' and then it looks like that!!

  6. Confession: I took the photo right after I got it cut. So this is when it was done by the stylist which we all know can never fully be replicated at home :-P My hair is much frizzier naturally.

    Thanks for all the nice comments!