Monday, February 2, 2009

Spending Hiatus Update: Week 2

It's official folks- the spending hiatus is getting old.

I have managed not to buy anything unnecessary for two weeks now though and I'm rather proud of myself. Granted, it was a lot easier since we had a near-blizzard going on in Ohio so I would have had to dig my car out to go shopping anyway, which was not going to happen. I have realized, though, that I am a complete shopping addict. I just love buying new things, it doesn't really matter what it is. As long as it's something I didn't own before. I walked to Kroger and bought groceries and soap on Sunday and boy, I have never been so excited to buy soap. Not even fancy soap. Plain white bar soap. It was like Christmas.

Really, I do think the spending hiatus is helping so far. I've always used shopping as a form of therapy, I think. It's something I realized Saturday night- I was stressed out and in a sad, lonely sort of mood and couldn't get ahold of anyone and, boy, all I wanted was to walk to the nearest store and buy something, anything. I resisted though- I stayed home and read some magazines
and had a Me Night. Which was pretty nice, in the end.

Today is wicked busy so this is about all I have time to post for now- but come back later for more updates :)

Anybody else use shopping as therapy? If not- what do you use?


  1. I used to, but since we don't have a vehicle right now it's just too inconvenient to shop, which has actually saved us a lot of money in the last few months! I guess I've been using exercise a lot as therapy lately, which is probably a good thing. I've also been known too use food as therapy, not so good...

  2. I was completely exhausted last friday evening after my crazy work week. Did I go home and go to bed? NO! I went shopping. And I felt better.
    So, I sympathize. Although, is it really a problem if you're helping the nation (ie economy)?

  3. Amber- I wish I was as awesome as you. I used to use the gym as therapy, but lately my energy levels have been cruddy. The sad part is that I literally live next door to a gym, which I get free membership to through my university. And yet, I still make excuses to not go :-P

    And ice cream totally counts as therapy. Although the post-binge feeling is a pretty big downer...

  4. B- I have totally gone shopping after pulling an all-nighter before. It's like all my ability to self-regulate disappears when I don't get enough sleep, and I end up spending tons of money. Which I don't necessarily have to spend, eeps. Hence the spending hiatus.

  5. Stay toasty in the blizzard.
    Tracking all my expenses has been an eye-opening experience for me. Mainly because it makes me realize just where all the money goes. keep up the no-shopping hiatus!