Thursday, February 26, 2009

I need a sleep makeover.

Looks like Heaven.
This post is incredibly late in the day, I know. I try to post earlier in the morning but I was too tired today to get it together.

To be honest, I've been having trouble sleeping lately. My sleep schedule is so off: during the week I might have to get up at 6am (for work) or 10am (for class). I know that you're supposed to go to bed and wake up at the same time, but has anyone actually tried to get up at 6am even when they don't have to? I'm not a morning person, mind you. It's just not happening.

That said, I do think the wonky sleeping schedule is messing with me, and I've only been getting 5, maybe 6 hours of sleep a night. And I'm tired. So I'm proposing a sleep makeover- I'm going to try and sleep at least 7 hours a night, and I'm going to try and make my bedtimes and wake times a little more consistent. And I figured since this blog has held me accountable in the past (see the spending hiatus) maybe it will work for this too.

So Thursdays from now on will be sleep makeover days (appropriate, since for whatever reason I usually get the least amount of sleep on Wednesday nights). Each Thursday I'll tell you all how I'm doing, and I'll let you know what my goals are for the next week. I'll do it for a month, and we'll see what happens :)

My goals for the next week: 7 hours a night, that's the big one. I'm aiming to be in bed by 11pm and up at 6am on days I work, and be in bed by midnight and up at 7-8am on days I don't. I know that's not a perfect schedule, but it's a pretty good start for me.

Anybody have any sleep-better advice? When do you all go to bed and how many hours do you usually get to sleep?

PS: Remember this post where I was so tired I kept obsessing over beds? I still do that. I really want a gorgeous white bed with a pretty canopy like the one above.

Image via the Domino website.


  1. I had this problem last semester. I had 8:30 class (getting up at 6) on Tues/Thurs but 10:30 class (getting up at 8) on Mon/Wed and NO class on Fri so sleeping till whenever (sometimes noon!). It really screwed with my sleep schedule and I ended up skipping my early morning classes more than I'd like to.

    This semester I have class at 8:30 every morning so I consistently get up at 6. I thought it would be hard but really you get into a routine and it's much easier than one would think! I also never go to bed later than 10:30-11 pm so I get around 7 hours of sleep. I can't function on less than 6 hours, sleep is super important to me!

    Definitely let us know how it goes :-)

  2. I would love to have a bed like that too! SO pretty!

  3. Amanda, thanks for visiting our blog and leaving such a sweet comment!

    Hope the sleeping gets better. It's amazing how much sleep or lack of sleep can affect your whole day!