Thursday, January 15, 2009

Bedrooms I Dream Of

It seems that lately, all I can think about is beds and bedrooms. I've become obsessed with burying myself under layer upon layer of luxurious sheets and fluffy comforters. I blame it on sleep deprivation. Is it any wonder that the bedroom above, from LivingEtc's Bedroom Gallery, looks to amazing to me? Look at all those soft layers of blankets!

Another one of their appealing bedrooms:
I really like the colors here- pristine white bed with a pop of purple (my fave) against soft blue walls.

And here is the bedroom that was basically my childhood fantasy:

When I was little, I dreamed of having a "princess bed" much like this one (I blame Disney movies). This is, of course, a slightly more grown up (and very much toned-down) version. But all the important elements- elegant headboard, antique curved "feet", all-white linens that look like fluffy clouds- are there. There's even a little chandelier-esque lamp, a nod to my younger self's love of all things sparkly.

What's your dream bedroom?

*All images, LivingEtc


  1. Thanks Maggie May! Glad to know I'm not the only one with an affinity for princess beds :)


  2. I like the one at the top - sooo comfy looking. I love my bed! It's a queen futon in a slatted wood frame heaped with a king sized duvet!

    I always wanted a big four-poster with a canopy.


  3. This makes me realize I need to actually get a head and footboard for my bed. I'm a grownup now (?) I should have one. I'm sure it would also make my room look WAY more put together. And I LOVE the princess bed.

    This is also inspiring me to make my bed more often!

  4. Hey B- maybe you could comem up with an alternative headboard. I'm seeing a lot of people use bigger pieces of art lately. Definitely check out Livingetc's website, I remember seeing some like that there. And one of the things I like about the Livingetc galleries is that the bedrooms look like real bedrooms, with slightly unmade beds. Magazines usually give me a real complex about wrinkly sheets :-P