Monday, January 12, 2009

Burn, baby, burn...

I love candles. I'm kind of obsessed with them actually- they just seem to make my house feel warmer and more cozy, which I desperately need on cold January days like today.

This is one of my more recent purchases...
The Indonesian Teak pillar (the larger one, $10) is from World Market- an amazing store that you should go to right now if you've never been. I haven't even burnt this guy yet and my entire living room smells like spicy wood, it is that strong. This is also a good candle for men, being not flowery or frilly and, you know, wood. It has been officially boyfriend-approved.

On the girlier front, I recently purchased this candle

Please excuse the shoddy picture- VS's website refuses to yield one and I have no digital camera.

from Victoria's Secret during the semiannual sale. The scent is Sweet Craving and it is absolutely addicting to me, with lots of vanilla and sugary sweetness. Basically, it smells like cake, but spicier. I can't find it online anymore because it is being discontinued- but its original (ridiculous) price of $28 has been dropped to $4.99, a great deal for such a large candle. I was tempted to not tell you all because I have this plan to go into every VS in the country and buy out their entire stock but seeing as I don't have that much money (or space, or matches), my nice side came out and I decided to share.

And these

are the candles I would buy if I had a million dollars (or, you know, $595). This Jo Malone candle trousseau contains 10 candles including such goodies as Pomegranate Noir and Wild Fig & Cassis, both of which sound kind of amazing. Plus, Jo Malone promises that this will add a "sense of refinement to the home". Now come on, who couldn't use a little more refinement?

So if any one of you wins the lottery, now you know what to get me. :)

Anybody else got candle recs?


  1. Victoria's Secret also has a Manderin (?) Woods candle. It's very musky and smells mostly like a men's cologne. But I love it.
    I got mine during the after-holidays sale. I love finding good bargains!

  2. I will definitely have to keep an eye out for the Mandarin Woods candle. Thanks for the rec B!