Thursday, January 15, 2009

Things to Read: One Sentence Archives

Has anyone every checked out the One Sentence Archive? It's a website full of stories that are only a sentence long! Now I'm a wordy writer (if you haven't noticed) but I absolutely LOVE this site- I'm amazed by what stories people can tell in just one sentence.

Here are a few of my faves:

"The other day I got into the shower with my bra on and I didn't even notice." (I've actually done that- oh sleep deprivation)

"I thought it was pretty cool when my dad told me he had joined a band, until he informed me that he would be playing the spoons and the triangle." (personally, I think that dad is awesome)

"I just finished a project on bees, and now that I've learned how they make honey, previously one of my favorite foods, I never want to eat it again." (I don't actually know how bees make honey and maybe that's a good thing...)

"My grandpa choked up as he said, 'House plants grow better when the house is filled with love, and I've never seen the house plants grow as well as they have since you moved in a year ago.'" (aww)

I can't believe that you smiling at me was the highlight of a day where I got an A on a test, found twenty bucks, and won a debate." (more aww...)

"'Leave the pizza on the futon and I'll eat it for breakfast' would be the most collegiate sentence ever uttered, if only I had worked in the word 'toga.'" (oh man, so true)

What's your one sentence story?

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