Monday, January 26, 2009

Spending Hiatus Update: Week 1

So how'd week 1 of the spending hiatus go?

Pretty good I think.

I did end up buying a new pair of skinny jeans because my only other pair had, er, a hole in the butt after almost two years of constant use. And you guys voted that that counts as a necessity. I happened to find a pair of J Brand skinny jeans at Rag O Rama for just $40 and they fit me perfectly. Which is a freaking miracle- usually I have to try on ten pairs of jeans just to get a pair that isn't too short, too baggy in the thigh, or too small in the bum. Anywho, my new jeans look a lot like these ones:

Disclaimer: not my legs. Image from the J Brand website.

Except a bit darker, which I like. And I considered them a pseudo-necessity, since I was fresh out of jeans that I could tuck into boots. I don't want to call them an actual necessity since, you know, they're still just jeans. Food is a necessity. Heat is a necessity. Jeans- not so much. But they sure are useful.

Other than that and some TP, I haven't bought anything this week. I even went into CVS and came out with NO cosmetics. That, my friends, is a miracle. So overall, I would say things are going pretty darn well.


  1. Good work on week 1 of your spending hiatus! I <3 jeans but my drawer already barely shuts because it is too full :(

  2. uh yeah! a great fitting pair of jeans equals years of peace :)