Friday, January 9, 2009

When the weather outside is frightful...

It seems everybody is just about sick of winter already. Yesterday Joanna over at Smitten brought up her winter crankiness, and Cavewoman over at Blogdorf Goodman wrote a post on Ohio Winter Blues that I can SO relate to. It is freezing, gray, and wet outside There is nothing charming about downtown Columbus in the winter and whoever came up with the term "wintry mix" needs to be shot.

But in the name of not letting the weather dictate my mood, here are a few of the things I do to pick myself up when it's crappy outside.

Heater Blankets- seriously, get one. Don't leave it on all the time, you don't want to burn your place down. But these things are super for when it's frigid outside and you don't want to crank the heat up too much because, you know, gas prices suck.

Cinnamon pancakes- I love cinnamon. I love pancakes. Put them together and it's like heaven. Just dump a boatload of sugar into some pancake batter and make as usual. Or, you know, sprinkle it on if you're not a cinnamon loving freak like me. Add chopped apples if that floats your boat.

Hot chocolate- is a cold weather classic. I top mine off with, you guessed it, cinnamon.

Colorful clothes- I try to wear as little solid black in winter as possible. Because it makes me look like death.

Gigantic fuzzy socks- look ridiculous, but are insanely comfortable when it's way too cold outside (and inside). Put some lotion on under the socks to combat the mid-winter flakie foot syndrome.

Anything that smells like lemon- because lemon has been shown to help with mood, albeit temporarily. I especially love CO Bigelow Lemon Body Cream because it's made with real lemon oil (so it smells authentic) and no artificial fragrance.

Redecorating my desk area.

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