Friday, January 23, 2009

Looks I Love: Steven Alan

After seeing this post on A Cup of Joe earlier today, I am now just a wee bit obsessed with the Steven Alan spring preview. Check it out:

I admit to having a big soft spot for anything that is flannel/plaid. I love the contradiction of a manly flannel in a feminine shape. Women always look better in men's clothes, wouldn't you agree? We're just cuter.

Also, the hair makes me want to go and get mine cut right now. Alas, my hair is probably too straight for this exact style- and we've all seen what happens when I try to go wavy. Plus, Nathan likes it longer.

Which brings up another issue- does anyone else listen to their SO's hair preferences? Technically it's my hair, but he IS nice enough to keep the goatee I like so much on him so...

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