Monday, January 19, 2009

I need a hat.

Finding a hat is always a dilemma to me. I love the way fedoras and newsboys and all those fun styles look...on other people. But frankly, those hats look ridiculous on me. Primarily because I have a gargantuan head and, occasionally, really huge hair.

So I've found that the only style that really works on me is the floppy beret. Which is all good and well, except that most berets are these flimsy knit creations that do nothing to keep your ears warm. The one I've been working with all winter is not very warm and, what's more, is losing its elasticity so it slips off my head all the time.

This Cherry Red Tam I saw on Etsy (via Cup of Joe awhile back) looks nice and warm. And dare I say, floppy enough to fit over even my big head?

The question is: would getting a bright red hat be impractical? I feel like it would look cute over dark brown hair though...


  1. That hat is really cute! I already have a cream floppy beret and a blue one (I never knew what to call them, but floppy beret definitely works!) I like wearing my hair down when I wear these, so I don't worry about fitting my hair in the hat but I think these would definitely work. I love them!

  2. Those hats are great i have one and it fits really good. : )

    Jen Ramos

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