Friday, January 16, 2009

What is Jeni's, you ask?

Photo from the Jeni's website.
My previous post got me thinking that maybe some of you all aren't aware of Jeni's Ice Creams. Since that is a tragedy beyond measurable proportions, I'm here to inform you.

Jeni's is the best ice cream ever in the history of mankind and I'm not kidding.

And before you say "I don't like ice cream" just know that I have taken at least 3 self-proclaimed ice cream haters to Jeni's, and each one of them has been back since. It is that amazing.

Jeni's ice creams is located in Columbus, Ohio and has several locations in that area. In case you're not lucky enough to live just down the street from it like I am, it appears that you can order it on their website, though don't ask me how you're supposed to ship ice cream.

You can also find a flavor list here. To give you an idea, they're pretty much the only place I know that offers flavors like Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet, Olive Oil w/ Sea Salt Pepitas, Cherry Lambic Sorbet, even Thai Chili and Saigon Cinnamon (both very hot flavors, which is a weird sensation in ice cream). I also highly recommend Honey Vanilla Bean, my other fave.

I'll stop now before I start sounding like an advertisement- I just had to spread the Jeni's love.


  1. Oh wow! Riesling poached pear sorbet, sounds to die for! I don't think it would be all that hard to make actually...hmmm.


    I'm looking forward to your interview - did you receive the questions, Amanda?

  2. Working on it Kat! I'll let you know when they're up :)

  3. That looks unbelievably delicious!!

    Cool blog, I found you on, I'll have to check in more often :-)

  4. Hi amric!

    I'm all over, I know. Aren't their blogs addicting? Thanks for stopping by and a certainly hope you'll stick around :)


  5. i'm going to go drown myself in chocolate ice cream now.

  6. i'm so hungry now. looks delicious.

  7. oh my goodness, this sounds SO GOOD!!!!