Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The Spending Hiatus

Camera from Target.

Joslyn over at Simple Lovely is going on a 3-month spending hiatus and now- so am I! I have always thought of taking some "time off" from shopping but I tend to struggle when there is no one to keep me accountable. But now that we've got a little group of no-spenders going on, I feel like it might be a lot easier. So for the next three months, I'm going to try and refrain from purchasing anything but the "essentials"- food, toiletries, etc.

If this spending hiatus goes really well, maybe I'll even save enough to pick up a digital camera at the end of it. I like the one pictured above because of its cute green color (I'm a sucker for cute colors).

I'll be keeping you all posted on the dilemma's I'm sure to run into on the way.

My first dilemma is this: what counts as a non-essential? Obviously food, TP, and toothpaste but does, say, mascara count? For the sake of not going insane, I'm going to say yes to the mascara. But only after I finish my current tube. I think one of my major problems is that I tend to "replace" cosmetics before I'm done with them which is why I own 4 mascaras and like 40 lipglosses. I'd still be cutting back on spending by making myself use stuff up before I replace it.

I'm also wondering if some clothes aren't essential. My only pair of skinny jeans is its last leg (psh, bad, but I couldn't help it) and I have to wonder if a new pair really needs to wait three months. Because really, bootcut jeans don't look good tucked into boots and I have to have boots on for winter (I walk...everywhere). This one is still up in the air though- let me know what you think in the comments. Are skinny jeans an essential if I wear them all the time and my only pair falls apart?

PS I like these skinny jeans a lot.


  1. Yes! I definitely think they are essential since you wear them all the time. You should buy one pair in the next couple of days and then start your spending hiatus!! I'm actually not too bad with buying random things but we spend ALOT of money on groceries. We definitely buy way more food than we could ever possibly need!

  2. Well technically my spending hiatus will not include essential items. And I'm leaning towards calling them essential, since I wear the only pair I own probably every other day in the winter- they're the only pants I own that look right with big winter boots. And I feel you on the groceries. I live alone, with a cat, and I buy way too much. It's so hard to find groceries that aren't like family-sized though.

  3. i think if you wear them every day and they are falling apart, they are essential!