Sunday, January 18, 2009

A REALLY bad hair day...

As promised, here is my retelling of the event that shall hereafter be known as Bad Hair Saturday.

It all started when a friend of mine and I made plans to hang out on Saturday night. This was pretty exciting in itself, as the snow and the below-zero temps had kept me cooped up inside for several days and I was kind of going crazy being at home all the time. I decided that going out with a friend called for nice hair- something that wasn't one of my usuals (down and straight or ponytail and, uh, puffy). My hair is pin-straight naturally, so of course I'm obsessed with wavy and curly hairstyles and I'm always trying to find a way to un-straighten my hair that doesn't involve an hour of quality time with my curling iron. That's when I read this post by Beth over at Glamour's Beauty Dept on how to get Gisele waves. Um, yes please. So I decided to give it a shot.

I took my shower then set about putting my hair into spirals like Beth described, using a little cream to hold them in place. Because my hair is so straight, I had issues getting the spirals to stay put so I just pinned them haphazardly to my head, which seemed to work pretty well. I ran out of time to dry them naturally, so I set about doing it with a hairdryer, then pulled the pins out and tried to loosen up the spirals when I thought they were dry.

And this is how it turned out:

Not so much Gisele. But I do look like I could be related to this guy...

Chewbacca courtesy of Wookiepedia, the Star Wars Wiki. Not kidding.

Which would be awesome if I ever go to a Star Wars convention.

Of course, this was less funny when I looked at the clock and realized I had about two minutes to fix this mess and get out the door. Thankfully, I had a back-up plan.

Ah, the headband pony. It's not beautiful, but it's probably the best cop-out hair out there.

I was a little hesitant to put this on the internet but I'm not proud of my hair-doing abilities anyway (because honestly, I stink at doing hair). And I figured, what the heck, we could all use a few laughs. Feel free to confess about your worst hair mishap in the comments, photos not necessary.

And because I don't want to diss Beth's favorite hair trick, here are a few things I think might have gone wrong:
1. My hair is straight, thus it doesn't take to spirals all the well in the first place, hence the frizz.
2. In retrospect, I think Beth only meant to do a few big spirals. I did WAY too many, hence the kinkiness.
3. Blowdrying was probs not my best idea ever. Especially without a diffuser (sue me, I don't own one because of aforementioned straight hair).
4. The hair wasn't completely dry when I took it out of the spirals, which really didn't help with the frizz.


  1. lol, thanks Joanna! And you are too nice :)

  2. What's wrong with Chewie? He's kinda cute.
    Your hair looks good any way - your face is sweet.


  3. lol yeah Kat I think the expression on my face was somewhere between amusement and "oh sh*t". Chewie is def. cute but I think only he can really pull off that hair.