Thursday, January 8, 2009

I might just need an intervention...

As my post yesterday on New Year's Resolutions might suggest, I have a serious Goodwill habit. As in, I'm addicted to digging through piles of crap in search of the perfect something I might want/need. I spend entirely too much money at Goodwill on things I don't necessarily have to have and occasionally don't even have room for.

A few examples:

I was there looking for a wallet the other day and found this...

...Louis Vuitton creation (that appears to be real but honestly- who ever knows?). I'm not sure how I feel about visible logos but this is a pretty solid wallet for just a few dollars.

And this really awesome Marc Jacobs dress was so not retail price. The picture sucks but the print is little stars- so cute! Too bad it's way too cold for it right now, I'll have to wait until springtime.

And my most recent purchase, a couple of fabulous red bar stools. Not that I have a bar, or have any use for bar stools. They are currently acting as side tables/things for Tigger to sit on/ book holders. They cost a total of $5.

See the problem with Goodwill is that I almost have too much good luck there. Thus I always walk out with piles of stuff that's a great deal- but do I need it? Am I a huge dork for being addicted to the Goodwill (or any thrift store) or are there others like me out there?

My new plan was to cut back on the number of times I drove out to the nearest goodwill (a large one in a nicer neighborhood, perfect for finding lots of well-priced goodies). The problem is that my latest discovery takes the Goodwill to me. is an online goodwill shop. They seem to specialize in more expensive items then the average Goodwill store, like awesome antiques- another weakness of mine. And I don't even have to get my rump off the couch to go there. I've already spent forever on the website finding goodies like a 23" flatscreen LCD HDTV, a vintage ukelele, even a Mercedes Benz. Okay, so maybe I'm not about to rush out and buy myself an HDTV or a Benz, but you get the point. The site is awesome and there are a lot of other, smaller goodies on there. I fully suggest checking it out (and no, they're not paying me to say that). My addiction is in danger of going into overtime. How can something be wrong when it feels so right? :-P

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