Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bangs for Glasses

As anyone who regularly wears glasses knows, hairstyles often look really different with glasses on. Especially bangs. I really like how this girl from The Satorialist manages to have both bangs and glasses without one overwhelming the other. Also, I sort of wish I looked that good in a suit of any sort.


  1. That is a cute suit! Those are some crazy big glasses though, I wear glasses and have side-bangs but I don't think everybody could pull off those huge glasses!!

  2. Yeah I know I would look like a huge dork in glasses those size- but she would look gorgeous in just about any frames. And I technically have side bangs and glasses- though the bangs need to be trimmed, they're growing out again.

  3. Yup. Those glasses remind me of the big-a## ones I used to wear in the 70s. Not a great look for me. I like my arty square ones now and shorter bangs. I have to agree, she looks good and that suit is quite adorable.


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