Monday, February 2, 2009

Things To Do: Shopping Alternatives

Image via buzzsugar

I came up with a little list of things I have been doing to avoid shopping lately, and here it is:

1. Reading- this one is a given. I have a pile of books that need attending to- and if I ever run out, no need for a bookstore. The Columbus public library system is pretty rad.

2. Saturday Cleaning and Organizing

3. Working out- I actually went to the gym this Saturday for the first time in months and spent 30 minutes on an elliptical. I was proud. Also, I'd forgotten how amazing the post-gym feeling is.

4. Yoga- is something I'm getting back into after a few months off. It's so relaxing once you get into it, but it can also be very, very challenging.

5. Home Pedis- to battle scaly winter feet. I did my feet this weekend and they look a million times better. Keep an eye out for a post on that sometime soon.

6. Me Time- a girly movie that Nathan would hate, and a copy of Real Simple (or Allure, or Glamour, or just about anything...) and I'm a happy camper.

7. Operation Save Domino- I can't make the magazine stick around, but I can nab as much stuff as I can off their site before it goes down. Don't want good inspiration to go to waste.

That's just a few of the things I've been up to- but I can always use suggestions! :)


  1. Good ideas!! I also end up cooking naughty cakes or having long baths and blog reading!! x

  2. Hey Cherry- welcome to the blog! Long baths were awesome when I had a bathtub- now I'm just stuck with long showers. And yes, blog reading is always fun :)


  3. I need your post on pedicures. My heels are cracked and dry as Death Valley.


  4. Thanks Jo! I will keep posting them most likely as I find more things to do :)