Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When is your best thinking time?

I am of the opinion that everybody has one time of day where they do all their best and most creative thinking. Mine is definitely at night, usually when I crawl into bed. Suddenly when I get a little sleepy, I get all these awesome ideas in my head for research projects I want to try, or new topics for the blog, or new ways to decorate my house. Of course, about half the time I forget these awesome ideas before the morning- one of the pitfalls of doing my best thinking at night. And if I get really excited about the idea, I have trouble sleeping. I've started keeping a journal next to my bed so that if a particularly brilliant thought hits and starts nagging at me, I can jot it down before I drift off to sleep.
When is your best thinking time? First thing in the morning? During your lunch break? Any other midnight Einsteins out there?

Image via this article on Hydrohealth about keeping your heart healthy. Apparently getting less than 5 hrs of sleep a night increases your chance of heart disease, although they don't really say how much. Hm- looks like I may have to get better at thinking some other time of day.


  1. I've blogged about this a couple times, I get SO much thinking in during my swimming practices. I don't know what it is about swimming that gets me thinking so much but I've brainstormed some pretty good blog ideas doing that!

    Unfortunately, it's not exactly possible for me to bring a notebook to the pool..

    I definitely agree on the NOT cutting back on sleep thing, that's the one thing I don't cut back on. If I get less than 7 hours in a night I'm screwed. Even though I was up at 5 am studying this morning I was in bed by 10 last night. Sleep is SO important especially when you're as busy as we are! I can't believe you have TWO jobs, I'm barely keeping it all together with one! Oh well, next week is my "reading break" and it's coming right on time!

  2. Anytime I'm visually or mechanically stimulated. I get some of my best article ideas walking, swimming (like amber said), once on a fishing trip. I just have to be clear minded and tactically distracted :)

  3. I used to always remember things I forgot to do, especially back in high school. I had a nightstand next to the bed, and used to pull open one of the drawers. So the next morning I'd wake up see a drawer was open and know that was something I needed to remember.

  4. Wow so many creative answers! The pool, the shower, I don't think at all when I'm in the shower. My only thoughts are usually "mm warm water" lol.