Friday, February 27, 2009

What I Wish I Could Buy: Vintage Bag

Owls aren't the only vintage items I'm loving right now. I also really like this cute vintage travel bag from Olive Vintage. Caramel brown matches everything in my closet, and the size is just big enough for a weekend trip home.

Anybody else love older luggage? I always think vintage suitcases have so much more personality than modern ones, but they tend to be clunky. This travel bag seems like a good compromise (darn you spending hiatus!)

Image via Olive Vintage.


  1. I have two old hard suitcases that I got FREE at my local Saint Vincent De Paul! I use them for all my Christmas decorations and the sit in my living room as a kind of table.

    This is a nice bag you're hankering after. It reminds me of one my mother had at one time.


  2. That is a cute bag! I have nasty bright orange roots luggage that I got when I graduated high school. Ugh. I really need to invest in some "grown-up" luggage soon!

  3. Amber- totally with you on the ugly luggage. Mind is actually from Jr. High though- eeps. That and a bag that I got free when I signed up for a bank account, lol. Maybe I should go luggage shopping one of these days, when I get done with the hiatus. :)

    Kat- have to love giveaways at church rummage sales right? My friend got a vintage suitcase at one on the cheap but it's too heavy and clunky to really use as a suitcase.