Friday, April 24, 2009

20-Minute Workout

I've been trying to get my booty (and everything else!) in shape more lately but time has been a huge issue. With a thesis, two jobs, and classes, it's hard to find the time or energy for working out. Running is pretty easy to squeeze into a day (it takes no time to lace up and head out the door) but strength workouts are a bit trickier because they usually involve, you know, going to the gym. Lately my best friend has been the 20-minute workout over on Real Simple's website. It really does only take 20-minutes and while it's not the most intense workout you'll ever do, it works every body part. It also takes minimal equiptment (weights and a chair) so it's easy to do at home between classes and work, which I love.
What quickie workouts do you know of?
(PS: I'm posting more than once today to make up for a slow week so check out the post below too!)
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  1. You should try the 30-day shred DVD. Cardio + weights in 20 minutes! It's a GREAT workout, definitely the toughest 20 minute workout I've ever done!!

  2. Hi Amber- I SO want to try the 30-day shred, it sounds like the sort of workout I could use. I'm going to track down a copy after my next payday I think.