Thursday, April 16, 2009

Yellow for Spring

I always know it's spring when I start craving pops of yellow every where. It isn't even my favorite color, but I get obsessed with it every year when the weather starts to warm.

From Top:
  • Cute girl in an even cuter yellow dress from The Sartorialist (I think this is from last year, or the one before).
  • Yellow flowers and a beaker as a vase (and I'm a dum-dum and forgot to mark the source down).
  • Pops of yellow in a kitchen (via the late Domino).
  • Yellow boots (and awesome wallpaper!) via Cup of Jo.


  1. I <3 Yellow in the spring!

    Happy post! yay!

  2. Those boxes of soap in the second picture really caught my eye!

  3. B- I'm all about the happy post!

    Rebecca- Well spotted, I couldn't even tell that was soap. :)