Friday, April 17, 2009

Etsy Finds: Pretty Birdies

Lately I've been loving anything with a bird on it, seriously. I'm blaming it on spring, along with all my other obesessions this time of year (see below for some yellow lovin').
Some of my favorite bird-related etsy finds:
  • Pretty mint-green bird pillow (from joom).
  • Polka-dots AND a cute birdie? I'm pretty sure this notepad is designed for me (from boygirlparty).
  • I don't wear a ton of necklaces, but I'm drawn to the whimsy of this pretty bird one (from VirginiaGeiger Jewels).
  • A take-it-everywhere blue canvas tote with an adorable birdie print (from Kainkain).

(PS: I will be getting links to the items up later, but you can also do a seller search on etsy if you like them- Internet Explorer hates me right now and has crashed about six times every time I try to open etsy to get the links. And this is why I normally use Firefox.)


  1. Oh I love the bird pillow!! So cute. I really need to browse Etsy one of these days, people are always posting great things about it on their blogs!!

  2. Now that pillow at the top is reminding me of Twitter.

    I adore birds! Really, I do. I have 3 stuffed ones in my living room - a duck, a goose and a pheasant (all thrift store finds - with their patterns right on the fabric). I also love to feed and watch the many who visit my yard.

    Hey, Amanda, have you read my "kissing" post at Blasts From the Past yet?