Thursday, April 23, 2009

How about a vacation?

I know, I know, I told you all I'd be posting on time today and here I am posting at 5pm.

Today is one of those days where all I can say is that I need a vacation. I usually try to be super positive on One Happy Panda (because honestly, do we need another blog devoted to complaining?) but really, not much has gone right for me today.

I'll elaborate (if you don't want to hear about my complaining, skip this paragraph). It all started when I woke up late and had about 15 minutes to get ready for work- never a good start to the day. While washing my face, I counted about 5 new pimples on my chin as well. Great. I thought I had finally gotten the acne under control, too. I got out the door on time, though all I had time to eat for breakfast was toast and I practically had to run to work to be there by 7:15. But then at work, nothing goes right and everything takes twice as long as it usually does so I get terribly far behind and super stressed. Whatever. I have an hour break before my class, so I figure I can chill out for an hour and collect myself. No such luck. Turns out I forgot to do a very important homework assignment that is due the minute I walk in the door, and I have to scramble to get that done before class. I manage it though, and only show up two minutes late for class. Just in time to realize that we have a pop quiz which I am so not prepared for. Awesome. But whatever, I make it through class and come home to check my email only to find a notice that one of my scholarships (worth about $3,000 a year) is in jeopardy and could very well be cut because of state budget issues next year. Just what I needed.

On top of that, I have a doctors appointment tomorrow that's stressing me because I had blood tests done last week and they called me in to "discuss" my results. Which means something has to be positive, or they'd just tell me over the phone. And I got a reminder call just now telling me to bring in my list of medications. Which means whatever it is, they probably want me to take medication for it. Did I mention that prescriptions are expensive with my health insurance?

On the upside, at least now I'm pretty much done today. My plans right now include a nap, some therapeutic housecleaning, and maybe a self-pedi because my feet are pretty raunch. And then I'll feel 100% better and be back to cheerful blogging tomorrow, promise.

But I'm still seriously dreaming of getting away somewhere nice right now. A beach would be good, or Berlin (see above), which for some reason I've always been obsessed with visiting.

You tell me: what's your dream vacation?

Berlin image via an unknown source- email me if you know where it's from so I can credit it properly.


  1. Geez! Sounds like you had a really rough day! I'm amazed that you are still so optimistic and bright. One happy panda at that! As for the vacation, I would have to say South Africa or Bali - the more remote the better!

  2. Hi salut! chou chou- thanks for the comment! It was a rough day, but I figured it could be worse. I didn't lose my job or anything like that (just $3000 haha). South Africa and Bali both sound like really interesting places to visit, too.


  3. Oh no. Sorry to hear you're having such a crap day. A pedi and some relaxation time sounds like just what the doctor ordered :-)

    I hope everything goes OK at your actual doctors appointment tomorrow! Feel better!

  4. at this point in the year, anywhere with a beach. i just want to sleep in the sun.

    i hope tomorrow's better!