Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sleep Makeover Update: Week Five

Okay so my Thursday sleep makeover post is a bit late today because I (ironically) slept in this morning and didn't get anything done before work. And I'm putting it in bullet form because it's not really coherent enough to make paragraphs.
  • My first week back in classes after break, and I got *drumroll* 6.7 hours a night! So close to my goal of 7, but not quite there. That's also an hour per night less than last week, but last week I didn't have any classes.
  • It's also almost an hour per night more than when I started the makeover- a huge improvement.
  • I've decided that one of the things that really helps me most is switching off the computer and tv well before I go to bed. When I'm up on the computer right before bed, I have a much harder time getting to sleep.
  • I've realized that I'm a complete scaredy cat. Every single bump or creak in the night wakes me up and has me convinced that someone is definitely breaking into my apartment, and then I get too creeped out to sleep. Which is bad when you live in an old apartment building with 7 other tenants (lots of bumps and creaks).
  • White noise really helps drown out the scary bumps in the night.
  • I still suck at going to bed early, and I don't even know why I find it so difficult. My average bedtime is now about 1am, which is actually a 2 hour improvement from when I started, but still isn't early enough. I'm aiming for midnight by my next update :) Wish me luck!
  • I don't feel as energetic as I did last week- all the more incentive to get back up to 7 hours a night!
PS: What do you think of the bedroom above? I'm actually kind of digging the tree branch headboard thing they've got going on there. Not sure what I think about what appears to be a grasshopper hobby horse. But I love the overall natural feel- nature always makes me feel relaxed (all the more reason to get flowers!).

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  1. Hmm. I think the bedroom looks cool in that picture but I might get freaked out by that headboard!

    Good job on your improvements. I'm sure it will keep getting better if you keep making small goals :-)

  2. I like the look of the tree branch (in broad daylight), but I think it would spook me in the middle of the night.
    I go to bad around 10-10:30. Haven't seen 1:oo a.m. in a loong time.
    Check out my latest post on American Idol. You might find it humourous.


  3. I love the rocking horse in that picture! I wouldn't necessarily want it in MY room, but it is cute!