Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Mini Smellies

Fragrances are fickle things: you never know how they're going to treat you until you try them out for awhile. Which is why when I'm thinking of trying a new fragrance, I usually look for a mini version. They're less expensive, and I can always buy the full size after I run out if I really like it. But honestly, by the time I get through 1oz. of the stuff, I'm usually ready to move on to something new. I guess I'm fickle, too.

I'm considering the 1oz. bottle of Fresh Sugar Lemon, which can be had on Sephora for around $25. I don't wear a lot of perfume when it's warm outside, so this would probably last me most of the summer.

What's your perfume habit: full sized all the way or do you like to try 'em before you buy 'em? Or do you forego the smellies alltogether? (PS: Sometimes I just like to smell like soap.)

Image via where you can find all sorts of mini smellies.


  1. The only perfume I ever use is J'adore. Sometimes I just go with the soap smell and I also LOVE scented lotions. I have a really dry skin so I rub down with lotion every day and I like to get lotion with nice smells. Today it's coconut!

  2. Amber- I wish I could find myself a "signature" perfume. But I am fickle, I always change my favorites. I love scented lotions and body soaps too, because the smells don't linger as long so I can switch it up and play with them. ~Amanda

  3. I've been wondering how that smells. Let us know :)

  4. i LOVE perfume! smell is the strongest sense tied to memory, as we know, so i like to have a scent that i know will remind others of me when they smell it on someone else. I put lotion on first, and then spray perfume on... it helps it last longer. i keep the scent until it runs out, usually buying the largest bottle after mulling it over for about an hour at the store, lol. my favorites so far have been Chanel Chance, Calvin Klein Euphoria, and Guess Gold. I'm into spicy sexy scents, not usually the cool, beachy ones. if i do want to go for the fresher smelling scents i like DKNY for her... :]

  5. Rebecca- I will definitely let you all know if I try it out this summer!

    Lisbeny- I will have to take a look at some of you suggestions, thanks so much. I tend to like spicy scents in the colder/transition months, but spice and summer just throw me off. Not to mention my boyfriend has a really sensitive nose, so he just might kill me for wearing an intense perfume on a hot day!

    And yes, I have heard that smell is very much tied to memory. It's crazy, how some of the most random scents can bring up really vivid memories for me! :)


  6. Fresh is one of my fav!...I'm also a sucker for fabulous packaging design...