Friday, March 20, 2009

Irrational Guilt

There are certain things that make me feel super guilty. One of the biggest is passing homeless/begging people on the street and not giving them anything. The thing is, I couldn't possibly afford to give change to every homeless person I see walking down High Street everyday. I'm way too poor for that, I'd go broke. I do try to help with the homeless problem when I can- I volunteer at a homeless shelter and give money to a program designed to get people off the streets. But still, I feel terribly guilty every time I pass up someone asking for change and don't give them any. Like I've shirked my duty toward my fellow man.

What makes you feel irrationally guilty?

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  1. That used to make me feel guilty, and then onetime I was in Vancouver with my friend and instead of giving him money he bought the guy a 6-inch subway sub, and the guy said he was "allergic to mustard and mayo" and could he please just have the money instead...

    Now I try to help out the same way you do. I volunteered at a shelter a year ago and spent a few days just hanging out with the people that wandered in and playing Yahtzee with them! Haha. I think that you absolutely should not feel guilty since you volunteer your time that's better than A LOT of people do!

  2. Amber- I know that I probably shouldn't technically feel guilty, but I still do. I guess I always just root for the underdog, and homeless people are often the underdogs.

    I encourage everyone I know to spend some time around the shelters for homeless or the homes for formerly homeless individuals. There are a lot of great people with amazing stories there. And they are also hardcore competitors when it comes to Cornhole and Bingo!


  3. i find that even if you don't give them any money, just giving a smile and acknowledgment makes a difference. give to those you can, but try to at least lend a smile to those you can't.
    i know what you mean!

  4. Hey thanks Mademoiselle- I do try to look at them and let them in the eye know I don't have money (which 9/10 times I'm not carrying cash anyway) but maybe I'll try smiling some more :)