Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What I'm Not Buying (Yet): Affordable Bathroom Upgrades

Maybe it's because the weather has warmed up (for now) and put me into spring cleaning mode, but I'm feeling the need to upgrade my bathroom a little. I like my bathroom to be my retreat, my own personal spa since I'm way too poor to be going to a real one. Of course, right now I'm still off spending for another month BUT that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun looking right? Consider this my post-spending hiatus shopping list (items pictured above, from top):
  • Thomas O'Brien white towels. These are probably the softest, fluffiest, thirstiest towels I've ever seen for under $10. ($9.99, from Target)
  • Isaac Mizrahi ceramic soap (or lotion) pump from Target. Probably looks chicer than the plastic Softsoap pump I currently have on my counter. Plus, I'm a sucker for anything with polka dots, and the white color won't make my counter look cluttered. ($14.99, from Target)
  • Method Shower Daily Cleaner in Ylang Ylang from drugstore.com. I actually own this right now, so listing it here might be cheating a little. But I'm in love with it enough that I will probably run out and need to buy again soon. It's naturally derived, works really well to keep my shower looking fresh, and (best of all) smells AMAZING. Like a spa, in fact, which is what I'm going for, right? All for less than $6. ($5.99, from drugstore.com. I got mine at Target for about $5, though it wasn't on the website)
And one not-so-cheap, in-my-dreams item I would love to have in my bathroom (or anywhere):
Jo Malone's Sweet Lime and Cedar Home Candle. Any spicy, woodsy smell always gets to me and this one just sounds amazing. Stacey over at TDO agrees. Unfortunately, at $65, this is one purchase that won't be happening anytime soon.

Images: towels and soap dispenser from Target.com, Method Shower Spray from drugstore.com, candle from jomalone.com


  1. Oh that stuff looks nice, I just invested in some new hand soap for my bathroom!

    I can't believe that candle is $65! I don't think I could ever justify spending that much on a candle!!~

  2. Amber- my thoughts exactly about the candle. BUT if one happened to show up on my doorstep one day, I would not refuse :-P


  3. I think you should consider making your own knock off version of that candle. If you bring the supplys, I'll supply the scent and place to make the mess! what type of woodsie smells do you like. I have patchouli, nag champa...... Better yet, we could make your own amanda scent by combining the ones you like!! You could even go so far as to make your own cuties label.

    So in essense you now have an option to get what you would like for under $10 and that will make about 5 or 6 of that size candle!! spa like bathroom for a long time!!

  4. Becky, way to not tell me it was you :-P We should do it. New summer project!

    I like lots of woodsy scents. Except that the time I stuck my nose right up to the bottle of concentrated patchouli scent. That was a mistake.


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