Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sleep Makeover Update: Week Three

I'm very excited this week because I can actually report progress with the sleep makeover. :)

You'll remember it wasn't going too well last week when I got an average of only 5.4 hrs of sleep a night with a 2am bedtime. Well the good news is that the stats have gone up, way up: 6.7 hours of sleep a night on average! I got at least 7 hours on every night but two- Tuesday I just could NOT fall asleep and last night I had an exam to study for. The time I went to bed didn't improve a ton to be honest, and I still went to sleep around 1:30am on average. But it's a half-hour improvement and I was very close to the 7 hours a night I wanted, so I won't complain.

I can already tell that there is a huge difference between my well-rested self and my sleep-deprived self. I'm a lot more grouchy when I'm sleep deprived (like today) and I eat a lot more junk food, too (I'm eating a PB&J right now). My well-rested self is so much happier, that alone is worth it, not to mention that I had more energy to do healthy things this week like cook actual meals (vs. mac 'n cheese) and work out. So while I still have lots of progress to make (especially in the time of night I go to bed), I can see how this would benefit me a lot if it became a consistent thing. So that's my motivation for the week ahead.

Next week is spring break for me so I get to relax with NO classes. Though I know I'll probably stay out late a few nights with friends, my goal for the week ahead is to go to bed earlier overall. Especially since in a week and some days I will start in with morning classes almost every day of the week *duh duh duh*, so I want to be prepared for those. And since it's spring break, I don't really have an excuse for being sleep deprived, right?

Also, I haven't seen any improvement in my skin due to getting more sleep. If anything, I'm breaking out now more than ever. Guess I have to be patient, huh?

PS: For all you canopy (or faux-canopy) lovers out there, I found this picture on the Domino website. I love how big and bright the room looks thanks to the gigantic mirror and light fabric. Also, loving how the canopy looks like clouds. What says you?


  1. I always feel much better when I've had more sleep. And I've never really thought about it before but I definitely do crave more crappy, junk food when I am sleep-deprived!

    Good job on getting more sleep this last week, I'm sure it's just a work in progress and you will get better at it soon, and be feeling a million times better too!!

  2. I'm glad to hear it's working out for you! It's pretty admirable how well you're sticking to this.

    Also that canopy is gorgeous! Although I wonder whether you can turn on the overhead light with it or if it's a fire hazard, haha

  3. I've always loved canopies. I think I tried to create on myself by thumb tacking a curtain to the ceiling. lol.
    Hope you have a great break! And Enjoy sleeping in!

  4. ps. my friend's 4-year-old daughter has a canopy bed and i'm always jealous of it when i go to their house! :)