Friday, March 20, 2009

Pretty Smelly Things

Floral perfumes always make me think of beautiful, elegant women. Unfortunately, my skin seems to turn florals into rotten, angry creatures. All the same, I'm thinking of trying out Banana Republic's Rosewood eau de parfum. According to the website it's a mix of "rare florals" and "rich amber," and I think the amber will tame the angry floral. Plus, a mini bottle is only $10- not a huge waste if it doesn't work out.

And how pretty is the packaging? The pink bottle is so simple and pretty that I can just see it on some beautiful, elegant woman's vanity (does anyone use vanities anymore?). Or, you know, my plain wood dresser.

Alright- tell me what fragrances you wear. Florals? Woodsy scents? Plain old soap (don't be ashamed, I am so a soap-smelling person!)? And is anyone as much of a sucker for packaging as me?

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