Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Surprising Clearance Dresses

I must be in a shopping mood today, given my earlier post on colorful coats and now this one.

But I saw these two dresses while flipping through the interwebs and just had to share, as both are from places I don't normally look for inexpensive dresses.
via urbanoutfitters.com
I love all the cute, hip clothes at Urban Outfitters but I feel like a lot of their dresses are a wee bit overpriced. At $25 (on clearance), though, this pretty Kimchi Blue Graphica dress is a steal. They show it with tights, but I'd wear it with flat sandals on warm spring/summer days.
via Alloy.com
And while I know Alloy has great clearances, I have always thought that they were a little bit teeny bopper for my taste. Then one of my friends suggested I take a second look, and I found this cute metallic stripe jumper. It has a sexy/girly feel that wouldn't look totally out of place on someone outside of Jr. High- and it's on clearance for less than $20.

Lesson learned: keep your options open. You never know where you'll find things you love.


  1. I think I could get away with the top one (how adorable is that)? However, the metallic striped with the bib is a bit too juvenile for someone in their late forties.

    Off to look at your coats post.


  2. P.S. I might sleep in it though!


  3. Haha Kat- fair enough, the jumper dress doesn't work for everyone. But it IS cute, no?