Monday, March 16, 2009

Spending Hiatus Update: Week Eight!

Money poster by Howard Sokol via
Well, readers, it's finally happened.

I don't have anything new to write about the spending hiatus.

To be honest, I am a complete creature of habit. Eight weeks ago, my habit was to shop whenever I was bored, or stressed, or just plain lonely. I also shopped when I was with friends, or when I was "celebrating" something (anything), or whenever I happened to have a few dollars to spare. After eight weeks of not buying things (with, ahem, one teeny cheat) my new habit seems to be not shopping, and I just don't feel the compulsion to buy anymore. Sure there were a couple of times this week when I daydreamed about buying skirts and dresses and sandals and... after all, spring is on the way. But while I would really like to buy a whole new spring wardrobe (like, really) I know that it can wait. And that's really why I think I don't feel the need to buy things lately: I am more aware of what I really need (bread, milk, cat litter...) and what can wait (lipgloss, spring clothes, that candle that smells really freaking good...).

It's also become pretty obvious that having other things to do keeps me from shopping. Some of the things that have replaced shopping lately:
  • Time with friends. I wasn't even tempted to shop on Friday, because I had plans with friends. Nothing like bubble tea and a some Footloose to keep a girl out of the stores. (PS: young Kevin Bacon and cheesy dancing make me incredibly happy)
  • Homework. Lame, I know, but last week was all preparation for exam week. I can't shop and study my Bio at the same time. Well, I could try, but that book weighs approximately 3 gazillion pounds, give or take.
  • Going through what I already have. Instead of buying new spring clothes, I drag the ones I already have out of storage and go through them, looking for items that will change up what I've been wearing all winter. The thing is, often when I want to go shopping it's not more stuff that I want, but change of some sort. And change can be free. Plus, going through my stuff often makes me realize that the last thing I need is more stuff.
These are all things I've either discussed or hinted at before, and I hate to repeat myself. But that is really about all I have to report right now. On the plus side, I think the fact that I don't have any "temptation stories" to share shows more progress than anything.

Although as a side note, after exams I have spring break and since I will be spending most of it at my apartment potentially being bored, next week might prove more of a challenge. But I think I'm up to it.

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  1. Great work! Sometimes it just helps to drag out old clothes, I always forget how much stuff I really have.

    I've been on an unintentional spending hiatus for the last couple months because I have no vehicle. It's a lot harder to shop when you don't have a vehicle to do it with!!

  2. Send some of that hoodoo my way, will ya? I've been spending too much on books, breakfasts, music and chocolate. Bad Kat!


  3. Congrats! That sounds like good progress!

  4. Amber- very, very true. I didn't shop so much when I didn't have a car and lived in a town where the nearest store was a mile away. Unfortunately, I now live within easy walking distance of several nice stores.