Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A potential summer skirt (and the American Apparel debate).

When we were checking out the Gallery Hop last Saturday we also popped into American Apparel because my friend commented that she always wanted to go there, and had never been. Now, I have a love/hate relationship with American Apparel. While some of their clothes are totally cute and hip and they are said to have very progressive labor practices, I feel like some of their advertising is a bit skeevy and I'm a bit put-off by the fact that the founder Dov Charney has been sued for sexual harassment so many times (not cool, man). That said, I can never stay completely away from the store and I am currently loving the shape and feel of this jersey cotton tulip skirt with pockets. It's so soft and comfy looking, and I could see myself wearing it with tanks and cute sandals all summer long. Just not pulled all the way up to my nipples like the models have it. I prefer my skirts to cover my legs a little, not so much my bellybutton.

PS: You can check out other spring/summer clothes I'm craving here.


  1. Hey thanks for your comment on smitten...I just turn 25 and he is 33 its not like we are teenagers.
    I think I got my answer, I knew it, just wanted some advise. Thanks

    T from Barcelona

  2. Hey T- no problem! I just didn't want to assume anything. Good luck!